The dilute Fermi gas via Bogoliubov theory


Ann. Henri Poincaré 22(7), 2283-2353 (2021)

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arXiv 2006.00491

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We study the ground state properties of interacting Fermi gases in the dilute regime, in three dimensions. We compute the ground state energy of the system, for positive interaction potentials. We recover a well-known expression for the ground state energy at second order in the particle density, which depends on the interaction potential only via its scattering length. The first proof of this result has been given by Lieb, Seiringer and Solovej. In this paper we give a new derivation of this formula, using a different method; it is inspired by Bogoliubov theory, and it makes use of the almost-bosonic nature of the low-energy excitations of the systems. With respect to previous work, our result applies to a more regular class of interaction potentials, but it comes with improved error estimates on the ground state energy asymptotics in the density.