On the rate of convergence for the mean field approximation of Bosonic many-body quantum dynamics


Commun. Math. Sci. 14 (2016) No. 5, 1417-1442

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arXiv 1411.6284

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We consider the time evolution of quantum states by many-body Schroedinger dynamics and study the rate of convergence of their reduced density matrices in the mean field limit. If the prepared state at initial time is of coherent or factorized type and the number of particles \(n\) is large enough then it is known that \(\frac{1}{n}\) is the correct rate of convergence at any time. We show in the simple case of bounded pair potentials that the previous rate of convergence holds in more general situations with possibly correlated prepared states. In particular, it turns that the coherent structure at initial time is unessential and the important fact is rather the speed of convergence of all reduced density matrices of the prepared states. We illustrate our result with several numerical simulations and examples of multi-partite entangled quantum states borrowed from quantum information.